About me

Digital Communications Manager turned communications consultant. As a high-level rower, I learned my first communications lessons through sport. Navigating team members and coaches, I realized that I had a knack for understanding people and helping them to understand each other.

In 2012, I moved to Montpellier, France where my skills were put to the test in a second language. There were hiccups along the way, but I loved the challenge of discovering new ways to express the same ideas.

Rowing eventually led me to a post in communications at the World Rowing Federation, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. I worked there for five years and continued to develop in communications strategy and advice.

Now living in Leiden, the Netherlands, I completed a masters in Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health Sciences. I am fascinated by the intersection between health and culture. The world continues to become more interconnected and as it happens, we will be confronted with our cultural differences. I believe that good communication and cultural understanding is the only way forward.

Still an avid rower and coxswain, I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals through better communication. I am also a recreational baker, so you might get a pie or two along the way.